ACTi’s latest PTZ


ACTi camerasACTi is proud to launch the very first product from the Intelligent Series, which will bring you an experience like never before, and raise the bar for video excellence for the industry.

With the I-Series, ACTi offers both Indoor and Outdoor PTZs with 1-Megapixel and 2-Megapixel resolution, producing high-detail surveillance video for any requirement. Powered with a 30x optical zoom lens and speedy auto focus, these cameras can cover wide areas and areas of specific interest without losing resolution or missing event details while adjusting focus.

Rounding out the PTZ product line are the first ACTi Megapixel Speed Dome cameras, which can provide equally impressive video quality as well as endless panning, which allows seamless viewing to monitor large areas such as airports, stadiums or city streets.

What makes this new product line even more remarkable is its Extreme WDR feature, making it ideal for the most challenging lighting conditions; Extreme WDR helps produce clear image details where other cameras may face trouble with sharp areas of contrasting light. For example, compensating for bright headlights from a car, while allowing a clear view of the license plate and driver.


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