New camera line from MOBOTIX is more light Sensitive and shows more detail than ever before


mobotix newsletter picThe new D25, M25 and Q25 5-megapixel IP camera models deliver high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated scenes thanks to the new MOBOTIX low-light optimisation feature. As a result, they are considerably more light sensitive than the respective predecessor models and have twice as many pixels as Full HD.

All models feature state-of-the-art motion detection. Whether large objects in the foreground or small ones in the background, the integrated MxActivitySensor only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event actually occurs. Interference caused, for instance, by trees moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds or snowfall is consistently ignored better than ever before. The motion sensor configures itself automatically; if necessary, it is possible to select the image region and direction of motion of the objects.

The three models are weatherproof and operate at temperatures between -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F). The only differences in the models are the design and the additional sensors they offer. The D25 is a compact dome camera for indoor and outdoor use and can be additionally equipped with vandalism protection. The M25 features a microphone and is designed to withstand extreme weather situations.

The Q25 generates 180-degree panorama images with significantly improved details and therefore discreetly secures an entire room without any blind spots. This way it is far easier to capture a scene than with several individual cameras. The number of cameras required and the costs are considerably reduced as zooming in on details is still possible.

All new camera models now feature an MxBus connection to easily integrate additional features such as the GPS-Box, which delivers the exact time reference for the video recordings, in addition to position, ambient temperature and brightness. Recording on all camera models takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or via the IP network on NAS hard drives offering nearly unlimited storage capacity.

Additional Information 

The MOBOTIX App for iPhone* and iPad* allows users to watch both live events and any recorded material from anywhere in the world. The camera automatically reduces the size of the video for remote access to ensure that it is still possible to research high-resolution video streams with poor connection and low data rates without any loss of details.

Decentralised Concept
Recording on all camera models takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or via the IP network on NAS hard drives offering nearly unlimited storage capacity. The ‘decentralised’ recording of the cameras themselves via the network makes it possible to use up to 10 times more cameras per server, compared to the central VMS based recording of the competitors. No PC or additional software is required. Even if there are a large number of cameras recording, this ‘decentralised’ solution can considerably minimise storage requirements as each camera can reduce the video to the frame rate and image size required for storage, independent of the live video.

MOBOTIX Panorama Image Technology
The hemispheric Q25 delivers 180-degree panorama images with further improved details. This panorama image technology developed by MOBOTIX uses one single camera to discreetly secure an entire room without any blind spots, ensuring a better overview than several individual cameras, while still offering the possibility to zoom in on details. This significantly reduces costs and the number of cameras required. Unlike competitors, hemispheric distortion correction takes place in the MOBOTIX camera and not later on the computer. This drastically reduces the image data before it is transferred and saved. This ‘decentralised’ MOBOTIX solution lowers the volume of network traffic and allows dozens of hemispheric cameras to be displayed on a computer or smartphone.



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