Fortinet Launches New Rugged, Industrial-grade Devices to Connect and Secure Critical Infrastructure


Fortinet LogoFortinet, a global leader in high-performance network security – is continuing to blaze new trails in critical infrastructure markets with new “Rugged” products –networking, security and wireless devices purpose-built to meet the demanding standards of public utilities, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and the transportation industries that operate in harsh physical environments.

The release of the FortiGate Rugged 60D and FortiAP 222C, marks another important step in the company’s already strong and growing critical infrastructure presence, which has expanded to include securing seven of the top 10 global petroleum refiners and six of the top 10 global utilities.

The Critical Infrastructure Challenge:

Critical infrastructure and other businesses that rely on industrial control systems face unique and growing security issues. Threats have evolved into highly sophisticated and targeted assaults leveraging multiple attack vectors to penetrate networks and steal valuable information. These include disruption of critical services, environmental damage and prospective widespread harm. In addition, distributed critical infrastructure is often located in places that are physically inaccessible, lack connectivity, subject to intemperate climate or otherwise constrained by limited space.

As a result, traditional security solutions intended for indoor environments are often ill-equipped to operate under duress or in harsh conditions.  And finally critical infrastructure, which leverages Operational Technology applications, hardware and networks, relies on different communication protocols, older operating systems and more industry-specific applications than Information Technology systems.  All of these factors — sophisticated threats, harsh conditions and proprietary systems — make it more difficult to increase security for industrial control systems. “Vital systems such as utilities and manufacturing face harsh conditions and a proliferation of new attacks that pose numerous threats to public well-being and safety,” said John Maddison, vice president of marketing products for Fortinet.

“Addressing these unique problems, Fortinet’s new Rugged products enable customers to reduce the risk of catastrophic security incidents to critical infrastructure that could put public health and safety in jeopardy.” “Remote locations can be the most vulnerable points of entry for a cyber-attack”, says Gary Gardiner, A/NZ Director of Engineering for Fortinet.

“The time lost in reaching remote locations in a country like Australia or New Zealand represents critical downtime for business. With purpose-built devices in place to protect from extreme conditions, enterprises get valuable protection from targeted assaults.

The Rugged Advantage:

Fortinet’s rugged and outdoor products are industrially-hardened appliances that deliver enterprise-class connectivity and security for critical control systems facing malicious attacks, as well as extreme weather and other demanding physical environments.

Dedicated security appliances, expert security intelligence powered by FortiGuard Labs with an emphasis on ICS threats and systems plus consolidated wired and wireless networking, combine to meet both the most demanding security requirements and environmental conditions for customers.  Features include:

  • Industrial control-specific capabilities, such as application awareness and protocol support, in form factors designed in accordance with international substation automation standards, IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613, and fan-less, cable-less design.
  • Integrating switching and wireless access that delivers connectivity as well as security for automated systems anywhere in the world
  • Strong remote configuration and management, as well as central monitoring and reporting to ensure high availability and demonstrated compliance capabilities.

Availability: The FortiGate Rugged 60D and FortiAP 222C are currently available.

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