Panasonic releases convenient wireless video intercom system for the home



Panasonic Logo BluePanasonic has released a video intercom system that allows homeowners to easily monitor visitors via the LCD screen of a portable wireless handset with crisp and clear image quality.

D8BzX1K1foyoMUxXQWBwJYFOyYPHHunSRd9LeJUZH94The Panasonic VL-SWD501AZ wireless video intercom system uses a camera and intercom mounted outside the front door or gate, and a fixed monitor station and wireless video handset inside the home. Via the handset or the fixed monitor, users can view and speak with visitors and open the door. It is more flexible and convenient than traditional fixed systems, as the DECT-based wireless handset lets you see who’s at the door as you move around your home.

Key features
501 videoThe VL-SWD501AZ wireless video intercom system includes a door station with camera for seeing and hearing activity outside the front door; an indoor monitor station with a 5-inch colour touchscreen that allows the homeowner to zoom in on the visitor if a better view is required; and a wireless video handset with a 2.2-inch LCD screen. The distance between the main monitor station and the wireless handset is up to 100m and is expandable to up to 300m with an optional DECT repeater.

501 video2The system is designed to be fast and easy for a professional installer to set up in the home and can be expanded as required, for example in multi-storey homes with outdoor entertaining areas. Adding additional components later is simple as connection to the main monitor station is done wirelessly. A single monitor station can support two door stations, six handsets, and four wireless sensor cameras. The optional wireless sensor camera features motion and heat sensing capabilities for added security. In addition, the door station can automatically record video images of visitors onto a SD card while you’re away from home, and these can be played back later via the built-in touchscreen or a PC.

The Panasonic VL-SWD501AZ wireless video intercom system is available now from Panasonic Intercom distributor EOS Australia and associated dealers. The system comes as a kit comprised of an outdoor camera door station, a fixed touchscreen main monitor station, and a wireless video monitor handset, priced at $999 RRP.

Panasonic offers two other models in the range, the VL-SW251AZ, priced at $549 RRP, and the VL-SF70AZ, priced at $299 RRP.




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