VIVOTEK Joins Forces with Sony’s Edge Storage Solution


VIVOTEK_SonyVIVOTEK has announced a new cooperation between Sony’s Edge Storage Solution and VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras. This partnership enables a more reliable IP surveillance system during network dropouts and provides timely notification of microSD card maintenance requirements.

One of the benefits of deploying IP surveillance is to ensure continuous and stable recording even during a network outage. To achieve this goal, VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras support Sony’s Edge Storage instant backup function, which ensures video is safely recorded to Sony’s microSD card with lifespan notification when any network downtime is detected. Once the connection is restored, the onboard storage of cameras is then automatically transferred to recording system.

Further enhancing the user-friendly nature of VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras is the Edge Storage Maintenance Notification function. The cameras will detect any error or warning from a failing or failed microSD card, and display the usage of spare blocks and lifespan via web browser. In addition, the lifespan information includes indication of microSD card lifetime, allowing security staff to replace it prior to expiry. This information can also be transmitted via e-mail to laptop, mobile phone, or an alarm output. With this enhanced cooperation towards an even more stable platform, users can rest assured that their data is secure, just like their business.

Tim Su, Director, PM & Marketing Division, VIVOTEK Inc. stated, “VIVOTEK, is the leader in superior image processing capability and system reliability. We will keep working closely with worldwide partners to offer more user-friendly features and meet the challenges of diversified markets.”

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