Synectics to launch ‘gesture-based’ control for intuitive surveillance management


synecticslogoGlobal surveillance business Synectics is launching a new ‘gesture-based’ management interface for its Synergy 3 command and control software, which utilizes intuitive touch-screen technology for improved incident response.

The new EX300 Advanced Control Suite comprises a tablet device which incorporates numerous gesture-based components including jog shuttle, a physical keyboard and a joystick device, with users able to mix and match these devices according to sector application and/or user preference.

synectics-ex300_composite-2wlogo-1920wThe tablet component is the heart of the solution and features highly customizable modular Synergy 3 software. Synergy 3 enables users to identify, prioritize and simplify recurring control functions, for example camera selections or clip cutting. In busy and highly pressured environments, these features enhance the user experience and save valuable time in situations where actions need to be both fast and accurate.

Sean Kettlewood, Product Manager at Synectics, explains: “In the digital era, the phrase ‘at the touch of a button’ has been replaced by ‘at the swipe of a finger’. We wanted to reflect that in the design of this new control suite.

“Adding software and touch-screen functionality into the mix, rather than having a traditional hardware-only solution, means users can swipe, tap and scroll to manage any of the integrated solutions and functionality within Synergy 3. It’s a functionality most people are used to so it is a natural progression to adapt that familiarity to benefit surveillance management.”

An integral keyboard within the tablet interface allows users to customize their work environment and choose to rely entirely on the tablet as a stand alone device – which can be ruggedized, waterproofed or even embedded into control desks as required – or in conjunction with the joystick and keypad components which have also been ergonomically designed to aid usability.

The EX300 Advanced Control Suite is wireless, with Bluetooth connectivity, to minimize cables and clutter. Proprietary encryption and security technology ensures complete data protection. Furthermore, aligned with Synergy 3’s secure digital audit trails, all activity carried out on the EX300 Suite is automatically recorded alongside user ID and securely stored for review and/or training.

The EX300 Advanced Control Suite will be available from December 2016. For further updates follow @synecticsglobal on Twitter or visit


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