Oncam Launches New Evolution Stainless Steel Cameras


Stylish new additions extend 360-degree video technology into demanding environments

oncam_logoOncam has announced the addition of the Stainless Steel camera model to its Evolution 12 and Evolution 05 camera lines. With this innovative design, the Evolution Stainless Steel camera opens up new possibilities in the more extreme camera applications that require heavy wash-down or exceptional resistance to corrosion.

The camera boasts an IP69K rating, the highest protection rating available against weather, water and dust, as well as an IK10 rating against vandalism. It can be washed with high-pressure jets of more than 1,000psi at up to 80 degrees Celsius, enabling them to withstand demanding environments, such as food processing areas, industrial and chemical plants, vehicle wash stations, ports and marine applications. In addition to this resilience, the premium material and stylish design make the camera a complement to prestige architecture.

The Stainless Steel models offer the same features found in the Evolution 05 and Evolution 12 camera series, but enclosed in a solid and attractive stainless steel housing. This enclosure is manufactured primarily from electropolished marine grade stainless steel 316, which is ideally suited for use in harsh environments, thanks to resistance to corrosion caused by salt spray. Through intelligent material choice, Oncam has designed an enclosure that allows customers to use the finest camera technology in the harshest of conditions.

“The Evolution Stainless Steel camera series brings unrivaled possibilities to environments with stringent sanitation requirements, and adds diversity to our already robust line of 5MP and 12MP cameras,” said Justin Wheatley, VP Product Management, Oncam. “The Stainless Steel cameras provide our customers with a highly attractive camera with exceptional protection from the elements, while offering the same innovative technology for which Oncam has become known.”

The Stainless Steel models debuted during ASIS 2016 and Security Essen 2016, and has been received well in the market as a unique offering. At the recent Safety & Security Asia 2016 event in Singapore, the Evolution 12 Stainless Steel won the Gold Award in the Surveillance Camera Category of the prestigious Merlion Awards, for product innovation and excellence in security technology.

To schedule a demo or for more information, contact Oncam at sales@oncamgrandeye.com.

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About Oncam
Oncam is a global technology innovator offering a cloud-based business intelligence platform with industry-leading 360-degree video capture and analytics at its core. The company creates and deploys an open platform with specialized IP video and dewarping technology to create award-winning video-led solutions for stakeholders from the C-suite to the security officer in multiple customer sectors. Oncam allows better decisions to be made based on real-world and digital data.

Oncam, founded in 2007, is part of Oncam Technologies Group, and is a leading innovator in 360-degree video technologies globally. Oncam is headquartered in Switzerland and operates from regional hubs in the UK, US, Turkey, Singapore, UAE and India. Visit oncamgrandeye.com for further information.


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