Viakoo’s Automated Solution Verifies Surveillance and Access Control System Performance


Proactive Solution Provides Documentation of System Performance for Continuous Compliance

viakoo_logoViakoo is demonstrating its unique Automated Surveillance and Access Control Data Stream Verification Solution at this year’s ISC East. Visitors to Viakoo’s exhibit (# 368) can experience the company’s field-proven proactive solution that provides a digital model of networked surveillance and access control systems’ devices to analyze and verify performance, and maintain the overall integrity of their physical security systems. An automated IoT enablement solution, Viakoo’s solution runs advanced analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that surveillance and access control system operation is fully documented and in continuous compliance.

“Given the consequences and liabilities associated with missing surveillance and access control data, the stakes have never been higher for organizations to maintain complete documentation and uptime of physical security networks,” said John Gallagher, Vice President of Marketing, Viakoo. “Network and product issues often go undetected until vital physical security data is discovered missing, which is typically during forensic investigation after an event has occurred. Viakoo provides the solution to this longstanding problem.”

In addition to providing end-users with real confidence that their surveillance and access control systems are up and running properly, Viakoo provides integrators a new source of Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) by allowing them to enhance their service offerings with automated and proactive IP surveillance and access control data stream verification. Viakoo allows users to identify potential problems, and dramatically reduces traditional service and maintenance expenses by up to 40%.

Viakoo’s purpose-built solution features patented technology to ensure the surveillance and access control system reliability. The solution automatically delivers alerts when an issue is detected with surveillance and access control data streams anywhere within the physical security network, so problems can be resolved quickly and cost-efficiently. Using advanced data visualization and diagnostic graphing, Viakoo’s unique solution delivers visibility and insight into network behavior to promote prevention of problems.

Applying advanced diagnostics and analytics, Viakoo‘s solution assesses each unique surveillance and access control data stream, detects and anticipates interruptions or delays that can cause result in a loss of information, and alerts management with actionable information on how to quickly solve the problem. The Viakoo multi-client platform can be accessed remotely by authorized personnel from any PC or via the company’s powerful mobile App. Combined with Viakoo’s experienced technical support team, Viakoo subscribers have all the resources they need to effectively detect, diagnose and solve surveillance and access control system issues from anywhere 24/7.

Viakoo is demonstrating the three versions of its solution at ISC East: Viakoo Proactive, Viakoo Preemptive and Viakoo Predictive. Core functions of all three solutions include: automated diagnostics of individual surveillance and access control data streams; daily alert/ticket summaries via email; critical component failure alerts; expert help via chat, email or phone; single admin portal login; and more.

Viakoo Proactive performs auto-diagnostics and provides notification of critical physical security failures via email, along with fix-it recommendations, allowing users to recover quickly from failures.

Viakoo Preemptive is designed to let organizations get in front of problems before they become failures. The solution includes all the features of Viakoo Proactive plus preemptive advisory tickets, system details, ticket management and centralized management via a single dashboard.

In addition to all the features of Viakoo Preemptive, Viakoo Predictive, identifies performance bottlenecks and helps users ensure compliance using predictive QoS metrics, advanced diagnostics, and inventory and compliance reporting.

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