Arteco Announces Integration with Razberi Video Surveillance Appliances


Technology partnership enhances event-based intelligence for security and business applications 

arteco-logoArteco has announced its integration with Razberi Technologies‘ ServerSwitchIQ suite of video surveillance appliances, including ServerSwitchIQ, ServerSwitchIQ Pro, ServerSwitchIQ Enterprise and ServerSwitchIQ Rugged.

Joint customers can now leverage the intelligent capabilities of Arteco’s video event management software (VEMS) to realize new levels of situational awareness and operational optimization. The integration is enabled by including the Arteco executable file through a VMS wizard onto any of Razberi’s ServerSwitchIQ product suite. Razberi ServerSwitchIQ is a complete line of all-in-one, scalable appliances that combine a managed PoE switch, server, storage and intelligence. By deploying Razberi’s products in a distributed architecture near the edge of the network, customers can decrease network utilization while increasing megapixel video quality and reducing capital, bandwidth and space costs.

Once selected, the file immediately runs and installs the VEMS, saving installers the trouble of having to manually install or download the VMS from a third-party Web site. Integrators can then license the VEMS directly through Arteco. Arteco VEMS exceeds meeting user demands for increased security and fueling the growth of generated data. It enables users to achieve a higher level of situational awareness through the delivery of only the most relevant video data based on highly customizable user criteria.

The integration enables Arteco customers to leverage Razberi’s open-architecture appliances to reduce the incoming megapixel video impact on the IP network. Fully integrated with the power of video event management software (VEMS), the integration allows joint customers across multiple industries to benefit from comprehensive, streamlined video solutions by enhancing visibility through Arteco event prioritization and Razberi’s mitigation of video downtime, providing an overall reduction in physical and logical cost of ownership. Rigorous advanced testing of this process by Razberi further confirms ease-of-use and interoperability between both solutions.

“Our partnership with Arteco VEMS delivers a highly reliable, low-maintenance video intelligence solution that promotes seamless, comprehensive video surveillance protection to customers,” said Mig Paredes, Director of Sales, Razberi Technologies. “By leveraging the intuitive capabilities VEMS has to offer, customers can achieve even further insight into their organizations to activate quicker and more efficient emergency response without the added complexities of traditional installations.”

“This open-platform integration goes beyond that of a traditional VMS partnership. Through Arteco, joint customers securing various application sizes are getting the added benefit of streamlined event management while simultaneously reducing the physical and financial costs to their overarching systems,” said Steve Birkmeier, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Arteco. “As megapixel camera usage continues to surge in growth, we’re confident that the integration between Razberi intelligent video surveillance appliances and Arteco VEMS will offer users a way to lighten their security and network burdens, allowing them to scale but stay safe at their own pace.”

About Arteco
Founded in 1987, Arteco is a global provider of event-driven intelligence solutions based in Faenza, Italy, with U.S. operations in St. Louis, Mo. With a focus on ease of use and event management, Arteco’s research and development initiatives have united world-class, state-of-the-art video analytics and video management onto a single platform to optimize processes and reduce costs. Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions that integrate with third-party systems such as video surveillance, video management and access control. Arteco products are available through certified integrator partners around the world. For more information about Arteco’s Video Event Management Software (VEMS) solutions, please visit and follow on social media channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


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