Raytec Expands Range of Network Illuminators


raytec_logoRaytec have launched two new product lines as they continue to invest in network lighting. VARIO 2 IP and VARIO 2 PoE will provide purpose built lighting solutions for network applications and sit alongside the existing range of VARIO 2 illuminators. Both new product lines feature the latest Platinum Elite LED technology from Raytec, delivering up to 200% more power, distances up to 500m from a single LED panel and more light output for your money.

New Raytec IP and PoE IlluminatorsVARIO 2 IP is a range of fully IP addressable network illuminators that delivers the highest levels of performance and integration into any surveillance system. It can be operated remotely via a user friendly GUI or be fully integrated with 3rd party platforms or network devices to deliver an automatic lighting response to different events or alarms. VARIO 2 IP is an evolution of the award winning VARIO IP range and now offers improved distances, additional security and more options for integrating with other network devices.

VARIO2 PoE is a new range of illuminators designed to offer a simple and low cost lighting solution. The PoE illuminators can be easily powered from an existing network infrastructure, without the need for an additional PSU, minimising the cost and time of installation. VARIO 2 PoE offers all the performance advantages of other products in the VARIO2 family.

“We are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of network lighting solutions in the market,” comments David Lambert, Raytec’s Managing Director (joint). “Lighting is only going to become more intelligent and further integrated into security systems over time and we are excited to be at the forefront in network illumination.”

Explore Raytec’s full range of Network Lighting Solutions at www.rayteccctv.com


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