Supercharge Your Bullet Camera at Night



Bullet cameras may offer a viable solution for some general surveillance applications and frequently include integrated LEDs to deliver short range night-time images. But now with the latest developments in LED lighting, you can supercharge the performance of your bullet camera with even the smallest Raytec VARIO2 illuminator and cover impressive distances at night.

Watch the video to see how a low power 10W Infra-Red illuminator can extend and transform the capability of a bullet camera – or indeed any surveillance camera at night.



VARIO2 Extreme

Meet the latest addition to the VARIO2 family – the VARIO2 Extreme series of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators. VARIO2 Extreme is designed to provide extreme durability for video surveillance systems operating in the harshest environmental and operating conditions, including: Extreme Temperatures, Extreme Salinity, Extreme Humidity, Extreme Vibration, and Extreme Impact Resistance.

Using Platinum Elite SMT LED technology, VARIO2 Extreme delivers world leading lighting power and illumination distances. With a wide operating temperature range (-50° to +75°C) and power input range (24-48V DC), VARIO2 Extreme offers rock-solid performance and ultimate flexibility for the most challenging installations – anywhere in the world.

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Raytec are delighted to release a new e-book which is dedicated to helping our customers fully understand and use our new ‘POWERS’ lighting standard for video surveillance.

Explore the fundamentals of lighting for surveillance, our recommended benchmarks, and the scientific methods behind how we calculate our illumination distances.

Learn how to use POWERS to reliably compare different illuminators, achieve a consistent level of performance and specify with confidence – and know the TRUE performance of your illuminator.

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Raytec illuminators have been installed in some of the most challenging and exciting global environments, everywhere from the Arctic circle to the jungles of Borneo. Most recently Wild Earth, a specialist team of wild-life journalists, turned to Raytec’s VARIO2 Infra-Red illuminators at Kruger National Park in South Africa to capture the nocturnal habits of some rather large animals!

In an application where outstanding illumination was crucial, Raytec’s VARIO2 covert Infra-Red illuminators enabled the high megapixel cameras to capture outstanding detail and live activity at night.

The low voltage (12-24V AC/DC) input of the illuminators was key to the mobile nature of the application – and the invisible light output avoided disturbing the animals in their natural surroundings.

Watch this video to see Raytec on safari!


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