TeamViewer IoT update released in Australia and NZ with advanced feature set


TeamViewer has released an update to its dedicated Internet of Things solution, TeamViewer IoT. With the latest version of TeamViewer IoT, the global connectivity powerhouse further strengthens its offering in the IoT space.

A video demonstration of TeamViewer IoT in action can be accessed via this link:

“The latest version of our dedicated IoT solution marks the next decisive step towards leveraging our leading connectivity expertise for a horizontal, non-proprietary IoT solution that just works,” says Konstanin Ebert, TeamViewer’s Vice President of Sales in APAC. “We continue to focus on providing enhanced tools and services to reduce downtime due to machine or device failure via direct access and real-time information critical for immediate troubleshooting, configuration and repair.”

With TeamViewer IoT, users can remotely control and monitor IoT environments and devices, whenever and wherever. This has potential to transform major Australian and New Zealand industries from agriculture and manufacturing, to retail and building maintenance.

For instance, with TeamViewer IoT, farmers can monitor their farm from anywhere in the world, accessing real-time data about crop health, weather patterns, pest infestation, and soil nutrition. Farmers can automate and control onsite machinery, such as combine harvesters and herbicide sprayers remotely, and establish fleet GPS positioning to remotely adapt machines for maximized productivity around the clock. TeamViewer IoT enables farmers to predict and troubleshoot issues before they halt a supply chain, and with remote support, resolve a problem before it becomes business critical.

TeamViewer IoT features live remote control and incident management for virtually any IoT device such as gateways, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and specialised industrial machinery. It benefits from TeamViewer’s Global Access Network of more than 1100 secure routers dispersed worldwide and integrates seamlessly with existing IoT platforms as well as legacy IT landscapes. The cross-platform functionality of TeamViewer IoT and its cost-effective implementation has already won over renowned partners such as PTC ThingWorx, Vodafone and Harman.

With the update, TeamViewer IoT provides enhanced configuration, screen-grabbing and troubleshooting qualities as well as new capabilities such as real-time data and edge visualisation in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management application. This allows for comparison and correlation of live, interrelated data during remote troubleshooting. Users may now easily access their most-needed metrics during remote troubleshooting by pinning them to a dashboard in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management application.

The screen-grabbing functionality enables remote access and control of machines with proprietary Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), which significantly enhances the ability to remote troubleshoot, fix and control a wide variety of devices. Furthermore, ready-to-use code snippets (Node JS and Python) significantly reduce the time to develop custom connector and publishing sensor telemetry to the MQTT API of TeamViewer IoT. In addition, pre-configured commands may now be sent directly to actuators via a dashboard in the TeamViewer IoT Edge Management UI. TeamViewer IoTs platform support has also expanded with a TeamViewer IoT agent RPM package, allowing support for industrial PCs and gateways with CentOS Linux.

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