Rosslare Security Products Attains CE (RED) FCC Certification on Its New UHF-SMART™ BLE-ID & UHF Integrated Readers


Rosslare Enterprises has been awarded CE (RED) 2017 Edition, and FCC (CFR 47 – Part 15.B) certification on its new AY-U920BT and AY-H915BT UHF SMART™ BLE-ID and Long-Range UHF Readers.

“We are very pleased to be able to present these products to North America and European Union channel partners that are certified to operate within the radio equipment limits of those countries,” said Ezra Ozer, Director of Marketing.

The main benefits of this UHF-RFID passive tag technology featuring EPC-Gen 2 tag include the ability to read multiple tags within the read range (up to 70 tags) and the ability to achieve a read range of up to 12 meters (U920) and 6 meters (U915), where standard RFID and NFC are between 6 to 70 cm. This tenfold increase in range of an UHF-RFID tag allows for much more freedom of motion for the user.

For parking management, a UHF solution is very convenient for drivers, as they do not need to open any windows to present a RFID tag to a wall reader (safe from open window hazards). The UHF reader also reads from a range that allows quick and efficient access to the car park, as the gate begins to open as you approach from a distance. This in many cases lets the car arrive at an already open gate, which saves time.

The UHF-ID solution is passive, meaning that the tag on the car has no local power source and enables the daily operation to be maintenance free, which reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). With no batteries to change, the solution is maintenance free once installed. Because none of the components have any moving parts, there is very little wear and tear.

In addition, the readers support Rosslare BLE-ID credentials that are based on smartphone apps (available for Android and iOS), which allow the user to submit the credential to the readers from the smartphone. This allows remote enrollment via an in-app email – to register to the access control system – making it very easy to add users and visitors access credentials on route to any site.

The BLE-ID Bluetooth credential feature allows for driver and vehicle authentication by systems that have a vehicle with several drivers. The system can log which driver is with which vehicle and request dual authentication. This feature is especially useful for businesses that want to monitor vehicle and driver use and be able to manage the driver authorization to use the vehicle.

“We developed this product with the customer in mind to cover as many new use cases as possible, and to provide a system solution approach. We strive to offer something innovative and unique to the global access control market, and with this product we are establishing a new baseline for user convenience and security for our channel partners. With this reader and smartphone app offering, we are providing our channel partners with new ways to win and generate project revenues with a huge value-added to the end user,” said Omer Davidov, Product Manager.

About Rosslare Security Products (RSP)
Rosslare Security Products, a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., manufactures and markets high-quality security products, via its worldwide offices and channel partners. Since 1980, Rosslare has offered high-quality systems for enterprise, small business, and residential applications. Our expansive product range features much more than access control solutions and guard patrol management systems; we also offer applications software – such as License Plate Recognition, Time & Attendance, and DVR/alarm integration.


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