Gallagher Command Centre v8.10 released


Command Centre v8.10 introduces improvements to site plans and reduce information overload for busy or complex sites by introducing progressive disclosure – the ability to zoom in to reveal more information. It reports to be easier to create a site plan that includes all floors in the building and navigate between them, and new site plan privileges provide greater control over the level of information operators are exposed to.

Integration with IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact allows users to be identified with a wave of their hand. This biometric integration delivers faster, more secure biometric access while simplifying the collection and management of biometric data and access rights, and preventing duplication and synchronization issues.

With Command Centre v8.10, Gallagher’s Mobile Connect app can now be used to open both Gallagher and SALTO Bluetooth® doors. The SALTO credential has been combined with the Gallagher credential to retain a single mobile credential for each user in Command Centre. Using a single credential and app to open doors creates a simpler experience for users and is easier for operators to manage on a day-to-day basis.

The newest release introduces car park management, making it easy to manage and configure parking allocation. Site plan functionality provides detailed oversight, ensuring car park spaces are used efficiently.

Improvements to the Inbound Events REST API allow Command Centre to receive external events from third party systems to generate alarms, view alarm instructions, provide alarm indications on site plans, generate notifications, and run reports in Command Centre.

Gallagher offers a Software Maintenance programme which provides customers the opportunity to upgrade to every new version of Command Centre as it is released.


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