Milestone systems launches the documentation portal


Milestone Systems has introduced a Documentation Portal for resellers, installers, administrators, operators and customers to access technical manuals and guides.

Milestone Systems released the Documentation Portal as part of 2020 R1. XProtect VMS and Husky Network Video Recorder manuals and guides are now available in an easily searchable online format in one convenient portal.

“The Milestone Documentation Portal is the first step in a journey to gather documentation in one convenient location online. Our team is committed to the ongoing development of the portal and increasing the ease of use in accessing product documentation,” said Jesper Just Jensen, VP Products, Milestone Systems.

Documentation in One Location

On the Documentation Portal, users can search by product or for a specific topic across all manuals and guides, removing the obstacle of looking through numerous manuals to find the right answer. Users can still download PDFs of product manuals to start or administrate XProtect solutions, but as an added feature, users can now search for information across the documentation portal, ultimately gaining better insights and overview.

XProtect VMS Integration

When XProtect VMS is online, the 2020 R1 version will simply connect to the online Documentation Portal when the user presses F1 for Help. Offline systems will continue to utilize the installed help.

Localized Documentation

The Documentation Portal reflects existing document localizations and the user’s browser settings. Localized documents appear when browsing or searching along with deliverables in English, providing language options for users.

Mobile Enabled

The mobile-enabled Documentation Portal allows users to work on the go and on any device. Digitalizing the manual and guide content also makes it easier to find information through the user’s preferred search engine.


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