TruVision Navigator 9.0 SP1 now available


Interlogix are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a service pack for TruVision Navigator 9.0.

This new update aims at improving the overall experience with Carrier video security solutions. This Service Pack contains some new features, enhancements and some bug fixes.

TruVision Navigator 9.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) contains the following important changes/fixes:

  • Dedicated playback viewer:  A playback viewer allows you to playback video in a separate viewer and avoids confusion between live and recorded video tiles.
    Benefit: an operator can organize one viewer for live view and use another viewer for playback video, so he can still keep an eye on what’s happening live, while playing back an incident in another viewer. The feature can be customized in the Settings menu.
  • Group Notifications: Thanks to the Group Notifications feature, notifications within a user-defined time are send via one email message.
    Benefit: devices can trigger different notifications such as motion, VCA, alarms, etc.; with the group notification feature, only one email can be sent containing all the different notifications that occurred in a time-span defined by the user.  No more e-mail overload!
  • SNMP support: SNMP allows the operator to retrieve some specific data related to status or health of devices. Via the embedded Device Manager you can set-up SNMP in the recorder or cameras and see the information in an easy way.
    Benefit: SNMP can be set-up without going into the configuration menu of the recorder or camera.
  • Increased font contrast in the user interface.
    Benefit: better readability of the UI text.
  • … and more improved features! For the complete list, please refer to the release notes.

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