Suprema’s new thermal camera to enhance safety by measuring skin temperature


Suprema has released a Thermal Camera that can be used in combination with FaceStation 2, the company’s face recognition device, to detect users with elevated skin temperature.

Suprema Thermal Camera is expected to enhance security and safety at sites by combining face recognition and skin temperature measurement. Suprema solution has increased the accuracy and consistency of the temperature measurement by using the face recognition algorithm of the FaceStation 2 to pinpoint the upper area of the face. FaceStation 2 displays the skin temperature and thermal image of a subject’s face on its intuitive GUI, giving audio and visual alerts when higher than threshold temperature is detected.

Suprema Thermal Camera and FaceStation 2 can be configured differently for varying needs. It can be set to deny entrance of users with elevated skin temperature while the ‘bypass mode’ will disable the face recognition feature and only admit users based on skin temperature. System can also be arranged to trigger alarm and notifications to an admin when the measured temperature is higher than preset threshold.

Using advanced thermographic technology, Suprema Thermal Camera quickly and precisely measures temperature with 19,200 pixels per frame. With an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius, Suprema Thermal Camera does not require blackbody reference for temperature measurement, improving ease of use. Temperature data, which can be displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, can also be saved as event logs. Suprema’s Thermal Camera can be conveniently connected to FaceStation 2 via USB cable, enabling easy deployment on new and retrofit installs.

“The new Suprema Thermal Camera demonstrates our market focus. There has been a growing demand for temperature measurement devices to be used at access points and Suprema’s Thermal Camera was designed to meet this need. Our cameras can be conveniently installed on FaceStation 2, enhancing safety as well as security,” said Young S. Moon, CEO of Suprema Inc.


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