Wavestore v6.24 VMS released


Wavestore has introduced an updated version of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS).

Wavestore v6.24 introduces a superior method of searching through video data, which enables users to select an area to analyse and review all instances of an event in that area within a multiscreen display. Utilising the near-instantaneous playback capabilities of Wavestore’s unique LASS storage architecture, this new capability vastly reduces the amount of time taken to find the desired instance and allows users to simply close any views they know to be unimportant, leaving only those that need further analysis. This new and improved way of not just searching but reviewing potentially vast amounts of data has applications across the board to provide time- and cost-efficiencies when searching for a particular event or conducting detailed post-event analysis.

To further assist with improved post-event search and storage facilities, is the ability to export to a UNC network location, using cross-platform capabilities. This enables users to save to shared network folders quickly and easily using defined paths.

With the ability to set up a wide variety of useful Wavestore features, comes the need to back those configurations up or save them for future purposes. With the 6.24 update, users can now use the Batch Config Tool which allows mass backup of such files.

Another important feature update is the significant expansion of event capabilities. Event Rules can now be configured by combining event triggers from multiple different sources using Boolean operators; AND, OR and XOR to produce event responses when just the right set of circumstances occur. These can even have individual timers associated with them, for instance trigger B must happen within so many seconds of trigger A going active, and can be scheduled for specific time of day using the in-built schedule facility, or when a particular keyword is received from a 3rd party system e.g. refund from a POS system or a particular car number/license plate.

To make these new capabilities easy to use, a brand-new Event Rules setup screen has been developed using an intuitive graphical interface to show instantly and clearly what will trigger an event, even for the most complex set of input conditions.

New, powerful Client Actions can be programmed to alert operators using WaveView, controlling what is shown on-screen, for instance switching, to a defined layout to ensure they are kept fully aware of the situation, even when multiple events are occurring concurrently.

“Wavestore has always been an ideal choice when detailed and intuitive search capabilities are required” said Julian Inman, Head of Product Management for Wavestore. “We have now further improved how users can review data within our VMS with our 6.24 release, and we continue with our mission to make Wavestore easier and quicker to search, configure and utilise our many features.”

For those Enterprise applications requiring high levels of fault-tolerance, we have enhanced our Failover capabilities; there can now be 2 or more Standby servers in any Failover group, making our systems even more protected against hardware faults.

Other key features built into Wavestore v6.24 include:

  • New facilities to handle cameras with diverse multi-streams and unusual motion detection streams
  • New ”streams” command to show current live streams for a camera
  • New ”UDP-out” integration protocol
  • Supports showing status of secondary failover standby server
  • Invalid or corrupt event rules are shown and marked as invalid, allowing them to be deleted
  • Support for Hybrid Cloud recording
  • Auto-detection of more Camera Types and Features for further simplified system setup
  • 3rd. Video Stream can now be configured in the WaveView client as part of a Camera Group setting
  • Talkback channel can now be recorded and played back in WaveView
  • Many new user security enhancements, including Password policies now following cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk recommendations
  • New permissions for editing and showing and hiding subtitles
  • New screens to visualise all the important server statistics over a selectable time-frame
  • New facilities for the simple downloading of diagnostic information

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