New cloud internet interface for fire alarm control


Johnson Controls has released SafeLINC, a cloud-based data-hosting infrastructure that gives users to remotely access and gather data from their suite of fire alarm control units. SafeLINC provides users with a cloud-connected gateway and a cloud application platform accessible via web browsers and native iOS and Android mobile apps. Together, these components provide facility managers and technicians with real-time life safety infrastructure for faster, more effective emergency response, management capabilities and ongoing maintenance planning.

The SafeLINC web UI connects users to the cloud platform where they can access and gather information from all the control units connected to their account, as if they were standing in front of the control units themselves. Facility managers can use this interface to remotely view control unit status, access reports, manage user accounts and devices, connect with technical support, and communicate with mobile app users.

“As a facility manager or technician, SafeLINC lets you see what’s happening at all your fire alarm control units at once, giving you a better ability to coordinate your responses,” said Tony Gryscavage, director of product management, Johnson Controls. “Outside of emergency situations, SafeLINC is a tremendous boost to maintenance operations. From your desk, you will be able to plan maintenance tasks more efficiently and get direction remotely from engineers who can diagnose problems and advise on-site technicians.”

The mobile app offers numerous features to allow on-the-go access to control unit information. Users can check for current active events, examine status readouts from multiple locations, and view and search historical events. Push notifications through the app will also alert users about the most current readings. The app is available on iOS or Android platforms.

“Providing mobile access to fire alarm control unit information is vital for people operating in the field,” said Gryscavage. “If a maintenance team is on one side of a campus doing one task, a mobile alert can notify them of a problem elsewhere so they can immediately address that issue. This level of communication improves their overall efficiency while limiting system downtime.”

SafeLINC is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, managed by the Johnson Controls Global Infrastructure Group, and has passed Johnson Controls cybersecurity testing. New features, enhancements and analysis tools will be periodically released and available to be updated remotely for added convenience.


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