New lead to drive AI expansion at Razor Labs


Razor Labs has announced the appointment of Adv. Gilli Haizler as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for the company.

Haizler, has over 15 years of experience in leadership roles and business management. With titles like CEO, COO, Director, and legal advisor under her belt, Gilli is destined to strengthen the company’s management team to drive business expansion and growth. As a seasoned executive who’s led projects with hands-on experience, Razor Labs selected Haizler as head of operations to lead the current and future development.

The company’s flagship product, DataMind AI transforms heavy industrial machinery into smart devices and operates as SaaS in the cloud. By remotely tapping onto the machine’s sensors, the Deep Learning process takes place, identifying and predicting malfunctions alerting on any and all maintenance needs. With accurate results, reaching levels of understanding beyond human intelligence, hidden patterns are found in the data helping reduce downtime, labor, and costs.


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