I4 Mining Release New Report Exploring Industry 4.0 Technologies’ Role in the Mining Sector


I4 Mining have released a new report ‘Mining + Industry 4.0: AI + IoT’s role in reaching a profitable net-zero future’ that examines the current and future role of Industry 4.0 technology in the mining industry, as well as exploring how and where miners should get started with it.

Phillip McBride, Rayven’s CSO who leads the business’ I4 Mining unit, said “Our goal with this report is to provide miners with a comprehensive, strategic view of what Industry 4.0 technology in the mining sector actually means, why now is the time to be investing in it, as well as provide practical advice and insights on just how to get started with it.

“We are all aware that the sector is transitioning to a new ‘zero’ future – zero carbon, zero waste and zero harm – and that it is key to achieving global energy transition, however the path there is still uncertain. Technology will be the key enabler in helping miners not just achieve transformation, but to do so profitably; our goal and aim with this report is to help them on this journey.”


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