Queensland Biotech Company Commences Global Expansion


Queensland Biotech, Gamma Biomedical is embarking on a period of expansion as demand continues to grow for its immunotherapy treatments for allergy sufferers.

It is the only locally owned and managed provider of these immunotherapy treatments in Australia, providing a specific mix of allergens prescribed by allergists to assist patients very own bodies in developing an immune response against the specific substance they’re allergic to.

According to Gamma Biomedical founder Dan Tyshynski, Gamma Allergy’s tailored range of immunotherapy products has the potential to change the way people live due to the symptomatic relief it provides – with this factor driving demand.

“All of the drugs patients are presently given just block symptoms, they don’t change the way the body responds to allergens and over time build their immune response to the actual triggers,” he says.

“What is incredible to see is the efficacy of our products and the way they transform people’s lives by completely providing symptomatic relief. This critical element, along with our FDA approval for the Gamma Allergy product suite that is driving demand across Australia, New Zealand, and within the Asia-Pacific region and why we are set to expand our operations into new markets over the next year.”

Gamma Allergy’s products are designed specifically for sufferers of grass or plant-based allergies and also provide relief for those suffering asthma as it helps to lessen attacks caused by pollen or grass during particular times of the year.

This is achieved by the firm compounding their immunotherapy treatment sets on a custom basis for each patient, according to the specific mix of allergens prescribed by their Allergist. Each treatment set is accompanied by a customised, recommended dosage schedule designed by their medical director.


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