JEOL: ECZ Luminous Unveils High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System


JEOL has announced the release of its “ECZ Luminous” nuclear magnetic resonance console (JNM-ECZL series).

This product is a next step in spectrometer miniaturization and extended performance through state-of-the-art digital and high-frequency technologies.

Main Features

1. The Highest Performance in the World’s Smallest Chassis

The ECZL chassis world’s smallest chassis, while offering high performance for liquids as well as solid-state NMR. The latest NMR spectrometer features a high degree of configuration flexibility and contributes to cutting-edge research in a variety of situations.

2. Stable, Fast, and Highly Sensitive

All circuits have been converted to digital versions. The STS (Smart Transceiver System), inherited from the previous model, achieves a time resolution of 5 ns for frequency, phase and amplitude modulation, enabling ultra-fast control.

3. Multiple Resonance Experiments

The MFDS (Multi Frequency Drive System) enables multiple simultaneous pulse trains on different nuclei on a single RF channel.

4. Remote Access and Automation

The ECZL can be remotely accessed from any computer on the network so that multiple operators can access the spectrometer simultaneously without interfering with each other’s operations. Combined with an automatic sample changer, the ECZ Luminous system can be used remotely in continuous automation for both solution and solid-state NMR measurements.

ECZ Luminous Lineup

1. ECZL G series (400 MHz to 1.3 GHz)

ECZL G series supports expansion to more than 3 channels, high power amplifiers, and high magnetic field gradients. The footprint has been reduced to about half that of the previous model, while offering various expansion capabilities.

2. ECZL R series (400 to 600 MHz)

ECZL R series is equipped with a power amplifier capable of solid-state NMR measurements, and is the world’s smallest, with less than half the footprint and only one-third the volume of previous models.

3. ECZL S series (400 MHz)

The ECZL S series is an entry-level model with exactly the same architecture as the high-end models, specializing in 400 MHz solution measurements at a reduced price.


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