Finland’s National Authentication Service


A national digital authentication service is being built in Finland to ease the login to digital services. The new national authentication service will be launched for consumers at the end of 2022. The solution utilizes the Managed Identity and Access Management (MIAM) service provided by Nixu.

To promote the national initiative, Nixu, together with Yleisradio, Alma Media and Digital Living International, established Finland’s Authentication Cooperative (Suomen Tunnistautumisosuuskunta). Originally, the project was known as SisuID. The new digital authentication service will provide commercial global authentication services with a national cost-effective alternative that respects customer relationship and privacy. With the cooperative model, the service can be developed in cooperation with companies across industries and market needs.

In the future, companies will be able to offer their customers more personalized solutions in a cost-effective manner with the new authentication service, and users will be able to log in easily and securely to digital services.

“The goal of the new cooperative is to function as an enabler of digital services. The aim is to be able to offer affordable alternatives, also in the long term, by lowering service fees when the number of users increases and development and operating costs have been covered,” says Liisa Lundström, CEO of the Finland’s Authentication Cooperative.

For Nixu, the collaboration means, among other things, an agreement on the level of a few million euros for the next three years in which Nixu is responsible for the technical development and maintenance of the authentication service.

“For years, Nixu has been promoting the development of national digital identity by participating, for example, in the SisuID project. Mass-adopted, cost-effective and secure digital authentication is an essential part of cybersecurity of digital services. As a cybersecurity company, it is very important for us to be involved in a project that will enable Finland to quickly introduce a national-level digital identity solution suitable for extensive use. This enables us to keep the digital society running through our own contribution, and it also includes export potential ” says Petri Kairinen, CEO of Nixu.


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