Rise in Vehicle Numbers Prompts Nagaland’s AI Powered Solution


Videonetics Unified Solution is giving the ‘Second largest City of Nagaland’ an AI power boost.

Located in the extreme eastern part of India, the second largest city of Nagaland boasts a resident population of almost 100,000 and spans 20 square kilometres. It is at an elevation of 1444 metres with majorly mountainous terrain. The city is constantly expanding, with more and more people migrating to this city for better work opportunities and standard of living. Moreover, it is a popular tourist destination of Nagaland with museums, cathedral churches, botanical gardens to name a few. Therefore, tourism also plays an important role in the city’s economy.

Well-known as ‘hill town in the middle of Naga Hills’, the city was selected to be part of Smart Cities Mission, an innovative initiative by the Government of India to build thriving cities and improve the quality of life of citizens. The city was amongst the only two North East cities — along with Agartala — to have qualified in the top 66 Cities selected for the second stage of the project.


With city’s expansion and modernization, there was an imperative need to put in place robust security measures. The city felt the need for a surveillance solution to empower decision-makers and enforce law and order more effectively. Along with security, in the first phase of the project, the city stakeholders also wanted to ensure proper traffic management without causing any disruption to the day-to-day activities of the citizens. Moreover, the city is becoming a hot spot for tourists and the need for effective monitoring of the key locations, prevent crime and ensure citizen and tourist well-being became very important.


An extensive survey of the city was carried out to find out the key security issues being faced by city administration and identify sensitive places that need surveillance attention.

In its mission to become a smart city, the officials were looking for an intelligent surveillance solution that is intuitive, future-ready and scalable. It was especially critical to choose a solution that could keep up with the city’s expansion and growth. The administration was keen to have an open platform that would help them add more capabilities and applications over time.

With these goals in mind, Videonetics designed a bespoke and modular AI powered unified solution based on its Intelligent VMS and Video Analytics for the city.

After a thorough analysis, the city decided to deploy 100+ cameras, including PTZ and box cameras, at 90 strategically identified locations, which are being managed by Videonetics Intelligent VMS. These cameras have been placed at planned and sensitive areas such as important traffic junctions, city roads, outside government offices, exit and entrance of the city, common grounds, near crowded marketplaces, helipad, and more.

Videonetics Intelligent VMS allows administration to ensure comprehensive round-the-clock monitoring of the city infrastructure and proactively detect and address any developing problem.

Videonetics AI selected key analytics for some of the sensitive places, in the first phase of project.

  •  Loitering detection, crowd formation detection and intrusion detection are installed at local markets, roads, government premises and so on. When an alert is triggered, the operators can quickly assess the threat level, monitor it closely and react accordingly.
  •  During the survey, some of the traffic junctions were identified where Videonetics deployed wrong way parking as part of unified solution. The wrong way parking was required to detect vehicles if it moves in the wrong direction on a road and send alert to authorities for further action.

The city has been witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles, thus making it imperative for the authorities to put in place an effective traffic management system.


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