SenSen on a Win Win


SenSen Networks Limited has announced it has been granted an additional patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office number 16/652,837, titled ‘System and Method for Machine Learning-Driven Object Detection’.

“SenSen is establishing itself as a global leader in enterprise AI where one core platform can be deployed into many different business verticals. Our platform has now generated 14 patent families – five are granted and nine are pending. Plus, we have another 10 in the drafting stage,” SenSen CEO Subhash Challa said.

“We haven’t stopped innovating throughout the pandemic and our IP Vault now has more than 60 entries. Each of our patent families is a set of related patents registered in the most important jurisdictions where we believe an invention built around a patent family can be commercialised. The patent families form an IP Vault providing SenSen with a competitive advantage and leverage when penetrating new markets with innovative products, or in entering into licensing and cross-licensing negotiations with commercial partners. SenSen will continue to pursue patent protection in key markets as we undertake significant R&D activities in our innovations lab, all of which builds on our commitment to use AI in ways that are beneficial to industry and the community.”

SenSen’s patents in Smart Cities, Casinos, Retail and Smart Surveillance are protected in key jurisdictions such as USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Israel, Singapore, Macau and Australia.

SenSen is assisted in protecting its Patent Portfolio by FB Rice.


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