Verofax Partners Twin Science and LikeToBe


Verofax has joined forces with children’s STEM app Twin Science and LikeToBe in sponsoring a scientific expedition to Antarctica to research the effects of microplastics on life, the environment and the melting of ice caps.

Verofax, Twin & LikeToBe sponsored an expedition to Antarctica in December. Led by Antony Jinman, the team spent 2 months gathering data on microplastics and the effect on environment and wildlife, while talking to children via the Twin Science app.

The aim of the expedition is encouraging children to act responsibly through education, with responsible consumption in line with the UNSDG #12, and through Gamification, turning children into advocates of sustainability for influencing older generations.

Verofax, Twin Science and LikeToBe share the common aim of providing “Tech for humanity”, and partnered in support of the scientific expedition to Antarctica. Polar Explorer Antony Jinman, the twelfth Briton to have skied to the geographic North Pole and skied solo to the geographic South Pole, led the expedition in December 2021, and spent 2 months in Antarctica gathering data on how microplastics are affecting the environment and wildlife.

The aim of this partnership’s collaboration is to inspire young children to act responsibly by re-educating them on responsible consumption in line with UNSDG goal #12, through gamification and turning children into advocates of sustainability for influencing older generations.

Antony documented the expedition and answered children’s questions in a series of interactive videos via the Twin Science app for children aged 7-12, hoping to encourage them to seek answers to questions such as “What are Microplastics, where do they come from and how does it affect life and the environment?”, “What would happen to the Antarctic habitat if all the ice caps melted?” and “What can we all do as responsible individuals?”

“This expedition to Antarctica is really promising and aims to provide insights on microplastics impact on life and the environment,” stated Antony. “We are happy to be partnering with Twin Science and Verofax to engage children on the expedition and the many challenges we faced to collect scientific evidence. Twin Science’ in-app education and Verofax’ sustainable lifestyle tracker are great vehicles to drive awareness on how to act responsibly and opt for greener choices.”

Wassim Merheby, CEO of Verofax, explained, “Our solution enables transparency and auditability on consumer goods’ sustainable credentials. Sustainable brands can now engage with consumers and retailers and upsell their certified “Green” range of products, while retailers and consumers are empowered to check and validate product lifecycle assessment before purchasing, interact with the product and advocate sustainable brands among peers. We believe this process begins naturally with sustainable education for youth, and as gamification which is a very powerful medium.”

Asude Altintas, CEO and co-founder of Twin Science, says “This is a new approach to education. First, it excites us immensely to bring young ‘Twinners’ through our Twin Science app, along for this incredible journey to Antarctica and have them overcome challenges with Antony in real-time. Secondly, with Verofax, we want to not just tell, but show children how real climate change is, and that they themselves can take action to combat this.

“In the Twin app, all our content aims to show children how to use STEM for good, and we believe this is a great opportunity to do so. To date, we have had over 500,000 children use our STEM kits and STEM apps or attend our STEM workshops, and we have seen them use their know-how to invent earthquake detectors, reforestation robots, or ocean cleaning ships. We hope that what they experience on this journey will inspire them to revert the effects of climate change one day.”

Prof Ger Graus OBE, the Project and Education Advisor to this partnership, explained, “As someone who is a firm believer in introducing children to the wonderful role models who provide inspiration and aspiration, I am confident in this partnership’s ability to have true social, environmental, and sustainable impact.”


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