Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Upgraded


In July 2022, Mitsubishi Electric renewed its ‘East Japan FA Solution Center’ in Akihabara since its inauguration in 2018.

Mitsubishi Electric says it will also promote co-innovation activities with customers by streamlining the use of the showroom where ideas may be discussed, together with the on-site test laboratory where those ideas maybe tried out. In addition, under-pinning the whole process is the FATEC Training School located within the same premises as the showroom providing customers with one-stop support for their innovation in manufacturing.

Features of the showroom include:

1) The “Digital Manufacturing Zone”

This area demonstrates the production of smart watches, utilizing a variety of the latest digital manufacturing solutions and devices from Mitsubishi Electric.

There is also a “Simulation Dome”, which guides visitors through the equipment design and verification process in a 3D simulator, from the design stages to software installation and actual operation of equipment.

2) Open Communication Space

The open communication space is a focus point for discussions with customers but being in the main showroom it also allows free access to the solution demonstrations, all helping to provide the right environment to answer their requests and suggest hints for solutions that would achieve their goals.

3) Event Space for Themed Events

It is envisaged that the refurbished event space will be used for showcasing a regular program of a variety of themed events and seminars throughout the year. To offer the widest appeal, subjects will be selected from current trends such as the latest activities in digital manufacturing, or social issues like using robotics to combat the aging workforce, or ground-breaking subjects like the use of AI in various manufacturing related fields.


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