Powin Acquires EKS


Powin LLC (Powin) today announced the acquisition of EKS Energy (EKS).

As the world transitions to cleaner energy sources, global demand for energy storage will continue to surge to an estimated market of $49 billion by 2028, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This acquisition expands Powin’s offering to include the EKS Power Conversion System and Power Plant Controller, enabling Powin to deliver a complete AC energy storage platform capable of advanced control functionality to support microgrid applications while interfacing with multiple generation assets. Other new products include PV inverters, DC-to-DC converters and multi-port inverters, which are used to maximize performance and profits for utility-scale solar plus energy storage projects.

“The EKS acquisition will give us direct access to an industry-leading team, their power conversion technology, advanced controls, and decade’s worth of experience; enabling Powin to offer a fully wrapped solution to further enhance the customer experience,” said Powin CEO Geoff Brown. “This landmark deal accelerates our mission to building the grid of the future by delivering safe, scalable and integrated storage solutions.”

“With over a decade of experience and 4.5GW of global inverter installations, the EKS Energy team has proven to be able to deploy and interconnect our solutions in many of the toughest and complicated grid conditions in the world. With Powin, there is endless potential in how we can integrate our software capabilities, as well as our AC and DC hardware together into a seamless package at large scale,” said EKS Energy CEO, Javier Landero.


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