Mitsubishi Electric’s New facility in South China


Mitsubishi Electric has established a new FA Center and showroom next to the Shenzhen Branch of its subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Ltd. The new facility, which is scheduled to open on December 27 in Shenzhen, China, will strengthen servicing and support for Mitsubishi Electric factory automation (FA) products in the South China region and provide visitors with firsthand experience in innovative technologies around FA devices, computerized numerical controllers (CNCs) and machine tools.

Mitsubishi Electric Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center and FA Center in Shenzhen will provide visitors with first-hand experience in innovative technologies in factory automation.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for FA products across a wide range of industries, including automotive, logistics, food and beverage, and more recently decarbonization-related fields such as lithium-ion batteries as well as digital-related fields like data centers.

In order to be more responsive to the increasingly diversified needs of the Chinese market, especially in the South China region, Mitsubishi Electric will leverage the new facility to provide customers with first-hand experience in innovative technologies and solutions that suit their needs. By covering a wide range of products spanning FA devices such as programmable controllers, servo systems and inverters to CNCs and machine tools, as well as solutions through their interconnection, customers will have access to a one-stop portfolio to implement digital manufacturing.

It also incorporates space for open innovation, training and meetings, which will all help customers to learn and enhance their technical and innovative capabilities. Visitors will be able to acquire hints that will help increase their manufacturing efficiencies and leverage the latest intelligent manufacturing technologies from the onsite staff.

The Shenzhen FA Center, located in the same building as the Mitsubishi Electric Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center (Shenzhen), will provide technical service and support in Chinese, English and Japanese for customers in the South China region. The FA Center will also host training courses to help customers learn necessary skills and knowledge in automation, which will be supported by live demonstrations in the showroom.

The two new centers will strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s capabilities to quickly and flexibly respond to customer requirements within the region while helping guide manufacturers on their journey towards intelligent manufacturing. Looking forward, Mitsubishi Electric plans to continuously strengthen its efforts supporting customers in South China through the introduction of new products and services as well as sharing its views on global trends and technology.


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