AI Platform to Enhance Academic Research


Today, AcademicID has announced the official launch of its state-of-the-art, AI-powered platform designed to revolutionise the research process, help academics simplify their workload and provide new data insights to institutions and funders.

With AcademicID, researchers can showcase all their professional achievements and academic work for free and in one convenient place.

Minerva, AcademicID’s AI research assistant, is a tool to streamline knowledge discovery and save time on administrative tasks. With the ability to respond intelligently and swiftly to requests, Minerva can comb through more than 200 million academic papers to provide detailed answers and relevant findings. Minerva’s ability to return relevant academic research ensures that all responses are quickly verifiable – a defining feature not available on other chatbots such as ChatGPT – ensuring academics can more confidently utilise the incredible power that latest-generation AI technologies offer.

The platform’s advanced AI technology also allows academics to find and stay across the latest research, source collaborators and use advanced data analytics to track their careers quickly and accurately. Thanks to this sophisticated technology, academics can finally focus on what really matters: making ground-breaking discoveries and contributing to their respective research fields.

AcademicID is built around an academic’s profile page – a digital CV that highlights all professional accomplishments and academic contributions. This not only enables academics to promote themselves to secure funding and new career opportunities but also powers ExpertID – the world’s most advanced search engine for finding experts.

By using AI to match an academic’s profile to the user’s search string, users can search with natural language to find academics by actual expertise and not just arbitrary keywords. ExpertID makes it easier to source academic experts for industry-academic partnership opportunities, consulting work or just to stay up to date with the latest research.

AcademicID’s advanced AI approach to analysing data also allows funders, universities, and research institutions to unlock insights more accurately and in a fraction of the time – improving reporting, reducing admin time and making research funding decisions easier, fairer and more efficient than ever.

“AcademicID is the future of academic research. Our powerful AI technology streamlines the research process and simplifies the workload of academics, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – conducting their research.” said Kieran Lindsay, Founder AcademicID.

“With the world’s most advanced search engine for finding experts by actual expertise, we’re revolutionising the way industry find and connect with academic experts. ExpertID makes it easier than ever to find the perfect expert for industry-academic partnerships or expert opinions.”

“Minerva, our AI research assistant, is revolutionising the way we access and utilise academic research and is a game-changer for knowledge discovery. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm recently but its use in academia is limited by the fact it does not provide references for information. Minerva solves this by combing through over 200 million academic papers, providing relevant findings with each response.”

“Not only does AcademicID support researchers, but the amount of data the platform can process makes it a powerful tool for research institutions and funders to unlock insights more accurately and in a fraction of the time, improving reporting and making research funding decisions easier, fairer, and more efficient.”

“Our goal is to create a world in which knowledge flows are maximised, barriers to academic research are minimised, and constraints on collaboration between industry and academia are non-existent. With the launch of AcademicID, we’re one step closer to realising that vision.” concluded Lindsay.


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