Sabey’s Success


Sabey Data Centers has announced the company has received Uptime Institute’s Data Center Uptime Performance awards for nine of their data centers in 2022.

Sabey’s recognized data centers include facilities in SDC Ashburn in Virginia, SDC Quincy and SDC Columbia in Central Washington state, SDC Seattle, and SDC Manhattan.

The Uptime Institute Network recognizes member companies that achieve 100% uptime performance over designated periods and data centers that have not had a facilities-related outage for at least one year. Sabey Data Centers joined the Uptime Institute Network in 2007 to collaborate with industry peers and ultimately innovate the highly reliable data center solutions it designs, builds, and operates for its enterprise customers.

Sabey remains the only five-time winner of Uptime Institute’s Larry Rushing award, which recognizes member companies that best exemplify the organization’s spirit of peer-to-peer information sharing toward improving the data center industry.

John Sasser, Chief Technology Officer of Sabey Data Centers, said, “I appreciate each team member’s effort toward this accomplishment. While continuous availability is expected as ‘table stakes,’ and rightly so, it doesn’t happen automatically. It requires discipline and hard work. Well done!”


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