Stellar Partnership with VIZZIO


Stellar Lifestyle and VIZZIO Technologies have announced their strategic collaboration to jointly develop interactive real-time 3D digital twin solutions for Stellar Lifestyle’s retail and property businesses, and to develop future applications and features leveraging on VIZZIO’s city-scale 3D modelling and visualisation platform.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) will pave the way for the development of new business cases and solutions using VIZZIO’s digital twin technologies. As part of Stellar Lifestyle’s move towards digitalisation and automation, the partnership will leverage on expertise of both parties, and facilitate the development of innovative solutions for an expansive 3D virtual world.

“Stellar Lifestyle is on a transformational journey to enhance our commuters’ experience and help our retailers become more competitive in the current climate. This partnership with VIZZIO accelerates that transformation by extending our physical retail and advertising spaces to virtual spaces, shopping, indoor wayfinding, gamification and more. Commuters can plan their travel route more efficiently with clearer information on services and shops enroute to their destination; potential tenants can also attend virtual viewings to shortlist preferred retail units prior to a physical visit. At Stellar Lifestyle, we are creating vibrant stations to better serve our commuters, while progressing with Singapore as a smart nation.” said Mr Tony Heng, President of Stellar Lifestyle.

“Our world is transforming and rapidly becoming digital. With Stellar Lifestyle, we are ‘building and connecting’ the real world without being ‘super weird’. We are fusing the physical and virtual and creating Photoreal 3D reality without cumbersome headsets. Increasingly, organisations are making high-level business decisions that require deep digital knowledge, relevant data, and tech insights. To keep up with a continuously transforming landscape, we help businesses shift their focus towards generating exceptional value for their customers. We think the future of the internet is 3D. It’s an immersive, interactive, infinitely large world map, and community-oriented. It’s an online, massive, and explorable world. As the next era of the internet, this enterprise metaverse is projected to deliver a digital environment more reminiscent of real life, “cloning” and “mapping” the streets, the indoors and outdoors of the train stations and malls and adding real time 3D content into the digital twin, providing a powerful virtual platform for businesses and retail commerce.” said Dr Jon Lee, CEO/Founder of VIZZIO Technologies Pte Ltd.


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