Singtel’s Security-as-a-Slice Capability


Singtel has employed 5G Security-as-a-Slice (SecaaS) as a capability, which proactively identifies and blocks cyber threats at the network level thus preventing them from reaching the network’s users.

With the high level of mobile phone penetration in Singapore and the rapid pace of digitalisation among consumers and businesses, the attack surface for cybercriminals and cyber attackers has enlarged exponentially. However, many users are not taking the necessary measures to protect themselves.

According to a survey by Singtel among its customers in December 2022, nine out of 10 users expressed concern about security but only three had installed cybersecurity applications to protect their digital assets.

Ms Anna Yip, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “Everybody wants the peace of mind to enjoy the best digital experiences without having to worry about cyber threats. With SecaaS, we have taken security to the next level so that our customers can take advantage of the ultra-fast download speeds, high bandwidth and ultra-low latency of 5G while being protected from ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. By combining Singtel’s leadership in 5G innovation and Palo Alto Networks expertise in 5G-native security, Machine Learning-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls (ML-Powered NGFW) and cloud-based cybersecurity products, Singtel is now able to offer customised, highly secure 5G virtual networks or “slices”.

Cyber threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, phishing links and malicious websites will be proactively identified and blocked in real time at the network level, preventing them from getting to users’ mobile devices.

This means that the network’s users have some protections in place even if they have not installed any security applications. This also minimises the impact on the user’s mobile experience and device battery life. In addition, a network-based security solution can protect all types of 5G network devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices regardless of whether the platforms or operating systems are supported by device-based cybersecurity applications. Real-time security updates performed at the network level will also be able to provide protection against emerging threats without users’ intervention.

Singtel will roll out its SecaaS service, for consumers and enterprises, in the coming months.

“Sophisticated and evasive cyber attacks are on the rise as we see cybercriminals intensifying their efforts against people and organisations. While it is amazing to see the excitement around adopting 5G, the security of this technology must be constantly enhanced as it can be an enticing attack vector for bad actors. Users deserve comprehensive AI/ML-powered security that protects against highly evasive threats in order to have full confidence in their 5G solution. We are proud to collaborate with Singapore Telecommunications Limited Company registration number: 199201624D Page 2 of 3

Singtel to help them build their SecaaS capability and unlock the full potential of 5G for their customers,” said Mr Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President, Network Security at Palo Alto Networks.

SecaaS will be made commercially available in the coming months, beginning with Singtel’s 5G mobile subscribers.


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