Australian AI Targets Dangerous Drivers


Road safety technology company Acusensus is set to expand its successful AI technology to remove more drink, drug, and fatigued drivers from our roads.

The company is developing their patented Heads-Up technology to include an AI screening tool to measure the attentiveness, reaction time, control, and impairment level of drivers in real time. It means local law enforcement can alert nearby police officers of any impaired drivers who will be immediately pulled over and tested.

Acusensus is more than halfway through the research and development phase of the enhanced Heads-Up technology. Facilitated by the Federal Office of Road Safety and academic associate Griffith University, the company has developed a simulator that tests both impaired and sober drivers through a range of scenarios. AI technology will be used to identify drivers at risk in their vehicle.

Founder and Managing Director of Acusensus, Alexander Jannink, built the company to solve the biggest challenges of road safety and law enforcement, with a mission to reduce road trauma worldwide.

“In the coming years, I’m looking forward to being able to deploy this both in Australia and internationally and make a real impact on the hundreds of thousands of people killed every year by drug and alcohol affected drivers,” says Jannink.

With almost 1 in 2 of all drivers killed on Victorian roads in the past five years being tested to have had alcohol or drugs in their system, Jannink believes this figure would be consistent across the country.

“We know alcohol and drugs plays a significant part in road fatalities. By eliminating this problem with the help of AI technology, we could potentially save hundreds of lives each year in Australia alone.”


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