Episode 354 – UAVs and Aviation 2.0


Jane Lo, Singapore Correspondent speaks with Mark ter Hove, Senior Manager, UAV &UTM, Inmarsat Aviation at Geo Connect Asia (GCA) 2023.

Over a period of 28 years, Mark has worked across Commercial, Military, Business and AAM/UAM Aviation segments as well as with the world’s largest OEM’s (Airbus, Boeing, Cobham, etc) and national governments.

Mark is considered a ‘Connected Aviation’ industry SME in addition to understanding how to connect the dots between navigational and operational industry solutions.

Today, Mark shapes and drives the Advanced, Innovative and Urban Air Mobility market(s). Bringing together innovators, regulators, and industry whereby through the introduction of new technologies will bring positive change to global communities.

In this interview, Mark shares the latest in UAVs (uncrewed aviation vehicles) and its role in developing the next era in aviation known as Aviation 2.0.

Mark notes the diversity of use cases in Aviation 2.0, compared to “legacy” aviation which traditionally focused on transportation of passengers and cargo. Aviation 2.0 on the other hand, is driving use cases ranging from uncrewed transportation aircrafts to drones from inspection and surveillance, and delivery.

Mark also highlights key technological requirements to power Aviation 2.0, including weight considerations of satellite communication terminals and reliability of communication links.

He also notes that contrary to most perceptions, when it comes to security and safety of UAVs, much still needs to be done to address privacy concerns.

On the topic of urban mobility, Mark predicts that we will see the reality of air taxis in 5 to 6 years.

Recorded 16th March 2023, 9am SGT, Marina Bay Sands, at the third edition of Southeast Asia’s flagship geospatial and location intelligence conference Geo Connect Asia (GCA) 2023 and the co-located inaugural edition of Drones Asia, a platform designed to capture the commercial demand for aerial, unmanned and ground-based solutions amid the region’s expanding UAV ecosystem.

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