Saving Time on SIM Swapping


Tata Communications and Oasis Smart SIM have announced SanCloud will be powered by CloudSIM.

CloudSIM will enable SanCloud devices with remote controlling and monitoring capabilities for operational performance of industrial equipment and plants across manufacturing, supply chain, and automotive sectors.

Delivered through Tata Communications MOVE platform, CloudSIM provides on-demand cellular connectivity.

This changes the traditional way of delivering connectivity on-demand, which typically required additional SIMs, eSIMs, or iSIMs on the hardware platform, adding costs and complexities. 

Marc Murphy, one of the Founders and Director of Software Engineering, SanCloud, said “SanCloud is excited about integrating Tata Communications MOVE and CloudSIM services into our mobile wireless devices. This gives us the flexibility to dynamically change the subscription model in our IoT devices without having to send an engineer to site to swap a SIM. This is a significant cost saving.”

“As products get more intelligent and revenue models become increasingly usage-based, connected devices need to be flexible, intelligent and secure – all at once. CloudSIM and Tata Communications MOVE are enabling this transformation,” said Avneesh Prakash, Vice President, Mobility, Tata Communications. “This will be a game changer in the industry, offering a new approach to empower IoT device and equipment manufacturers. We’re excited to enable SanCloud and enhance user experience and reduce operational costs of their products and solutions.” 

Olivier Leroux, CEO, Oasis Smart SIM added, “With CloudSIM, any product can have a zero-touch secure integration. We designed this program to offer an innovative approach, as CloudSIM complements existing permanent connectivity by enabling on-demand connectivity anytime anywhere. CloudSIM is a game changer that simplifies IoT and provides a solution allowing deployments to scale. We are thrilled to demonstrate this new capability at Mobile World Congress 2023 with Tata Communications.”


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