Swinburne Enters Metaverse With Factory Of Future


Swinburne University of Technology’s Factory of the Future will be the latest space to enter the metaverse through a new partnership with tech leader CWX Technologies.

CWX will create 3D digital twins of the production systems in Swinburne’s Factory of the Future to improve manufacturing efficiency and introduce Industry 4.0 technologies to SMEs across Australia.

Swinburne’s Vice President, Innovation and Enterprise, Dr Werner van der Merwe says the partnership will put the university at the forefront of the enterprise metaverse movement.

“As a technology-focused university, we are driven by finding innovative ways to utilise cutting edge technologies to build a better future,” said Dr van der Merwe.

“We are thrilled to partner with CWX to apply this emerging technology in new and impactful ways and create additional opportunities for our many industry partners who utilise the Factory of the Future.”

CWX will work closely with Swinburne’s Digital Innovation Lab and leading researchers on intelligent manufacturing processes, system engineering, artificial intelligence and advanced image processing to help shape future applications of metaverse technologies for manufacturing and enterprise.

Bringing together experts from industry and academia, the partnership will fast-track the translation of cutting-edge research into sustainable, real-world solutions for the manufacturing and utilities industry through the Factory of the Future digital twin. This collaboration will also upskill students in the latest digital and manufacturing tools and techniques.

CWX Director Yuvraj Tomar said that the partnership represents the best of industry and university collaboration.

“We are excited to work with Swinburne University of Technology at forefront of the enterprise metaverse movement,” said Tomar.

“This partnership is an opportunity for us to utilise our expertise in creating digital twins, and together with Swinburne, we can bring about innovative solutions that will pave the way for the future of industry 4.0.”

Associate Director of Swinburne’s Digital Innovation Lab Dr. Abhik Banerjee says the collaboration is a first step to improving manufacturing efficiency across the sector.

“The partnership with CWX is another strong example of Swinburne’s Digital Innovation Lab leading the development of innovative digital manufacturing solutions for the Australian manufacturing sector,” said Dr Banerjee.

“By leveraging our shared expertise in Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0, the 3D digital twins will help us design new digital manufacturing solutions for Swinburne’s industry partners.”


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