GapMaps Connect into GapMaps Live


GapMaps Connect has launched a new feature added to GapMaps Live that it says enables brands for the first time to collect a range of important field data in and around a store location via a mobile device.

Available as a mobile app to GapMaps Live customers, GapMaps Connect allows for on-site data such as photographs, notes or files to be updated in GapMaps Live in real-time, helping to support a brand’s network strategy and location decision making process.

Some common use cases with GapMaps Connect may include:

  • Managing store assets/maintenance – brands can get an accurate view of the assets being used across all their locations and record important details such as age, make/model and serial numbers to easily identify when upgrades or maintenance visits are required.
  • Understand Store attributes – brands can use intelligence collected from the field to help make decisions on when internal and external enhancements are needed to improve store performance. This also ensures a better understanding of each store’s existing attributes. For example, quick service restaurant brands can validate whether external signage is easily visible to the public, whether there is enough car parking available, or if more drive-thru lanes may be needed.
  • Field notes – brands can also capture field notes and other observations in and around their existing or proposed physical locations.

“One of the biggest issues we consistently hear from our clients managing a large store network is they struggle to get accurate intelligence on what assets are being used, the condition of those assets and when they may require maintenance,” said Anthony Villanti, GapMaps Founder and MD.

“They also need to understand which stores don’t have the required attributes needed to optimise store performance – for example, fast food brands want to know how many self-service registers each store has, where the signage is positioned, if there is a drive thru, what the seating layout is and how many car parks are available.

“As network planning teams visit existing physical locations or new potential developments, GapMaps Connect gives them the opportunity to capture insights about that location which can then be used later in their decision-making process,” Villanti adds.

“With 500 brands across a range of industry sectors where physical locations are necessary, the introduction of a mobile app that allows them to capture other important data we believe continues to differentiate and improve GapMaps Live.”

GapMaps’ clients include brands like Domino’s, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Subway, McDonalds, Anytime Fitness and Goodyear.


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