Sustainable Food and Wellness Transform Consumer Industry


The rapid emergence of game-changing technologies such as textured vegetable proteins (TVP), recombinant steviol glycosides (RSG), and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is revolutionizing the consumer industry.

These innovations have the potential to reshape business models, strategic thinking, and investment decisions, driving sustainability, health, and intelligence, according to GlobalData.

GlobalData’s latest FutureTech Series report, “Future of Consumer: Sustainable, Healthy, and Smart,” says that by closely understanding the disruptive potential of the latest technologies and the underlying megatrends, organizations can directly shape decisions on patenting, collaboration, acquisition, and investments, driving sustainable, healthy, and intelligent consumer solutions.

Kiran Raj, Practice Head of Disruptive Tech at GlobalData, comments: “We stand on the threshold of embracing the future of consumerism, ignited by groundbreaking innovations in sustainable food and wellness. TVP, a popular meat substitute, and RSG, created through the genetic modification of microorganisms, plants, or plant cells, lead the way, pushing us to the next levels in global sustainability and personal well-being. Moreover, GenAI takes the helm in personalization, crafting tailor-made solutions that amplify the benefits of these innovations.”

Recently, TVP escalated to unprecedented levels in the consumer industry with startups leading the charge. Air Protein, the disruptor from the US, makes noise with air-based nutritious meat substitutes. Meanwhile, Terramino tantalizes taste buds with protein alternatives that mimic the flavor and texture of meat and seafood using the power of fungi.

Enter the era of RSG, the potent sweeteners derived from the stevia plant. It propels health and wellness innovations to new heights, with Nestle leading the pack, fully embracing RSG as the heart of their innovation endeavors.

But the true game-changer is GenAI. This revolutionary AI subset, known for generating data akin to its training set, has diverse applications that range from laser-targeted advertising and cutting-edge recipe creation to stringent food safety checks and personalized food delivery. GlobalData’s Patent Analytics database highlights 4.5X growth in GenAI patent filings over the last three years led by the US, followed by China and Europe.

Raj concludes: “Technological advancements like these shape the future of the consumer, cultivating a horizon that is sustainable, healthy, and smart. As we continue to blend and harness the power of these technologies, GlobalData envisions a future where health and wellness are within reach for all, personalized to perfection, and sustainable beyond imagination.”


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