Deal to Give EV Drivers Access to Affordable Charging


AGL Energy (AGL) and bp pulse have signed a three-year agreement that will build on AGL’s existing Electric Vehicle (EV) at home and bp pulse’s existing on-the-go charging network and help accelerate the electrification of transport.

The agreement, which aligns with the launch of AGL’s refreshed EV home energy plan in July in New South Wales, will enable customers who sign up to that plan to also enjoy a discounted rate for public charging at bp pulse sites.

AGL and bp say they aim to develop products and services for EV drivers that make charging simple and affordable whether they charge on the road or at home, helping to reduce range anxiety for EV drivers.

Another key aspect of the agreement is to explore and collaborate on the deployment of public charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy, aligning with both companies’ ambition to deliver a low-carbon future where customers are at the forefront on the transition to net-zero.

By combining AGL’s expertise in charging at home with bp pulse’s public charging points, the companies will look to provide EV drivers with a convenient and integrated smart charging experience, making it easier for people to transition to electric mobility.

AGL Chief Customer Officer Jo Egan said the agreement with bp pulse aligns with AGL’s focus on supporting the electrification of the way customers live, work and move and AGL will collaborate with bp pulse to create other compelling offers for customers.

“The agreement aligns with AGL’s focus on supporting the electrification of transportation in Australia, enabling the shift to an electric vehicle to be easy for our customers. We are looking to build a seamless charging experience for electric vehicle drivers to help ensure charging is simple, accessible, and affordable – whether that is at home or on-the-go,” Ms Egan said. “The agreement recognises the pivotal role we play in shaping Australia’s future. As we transition to a low-carbon future, this agreement will empower our customers with innovative, sustainable and cost-effective EV charging solutions. bp pulse Asia-Pacific Vice President Sujay Sharma said bp and AGL plan to continue developing on-the-go charging, energy and mobility offers for customers. We’re putting the customer at the heart of our strategy; installing a fast and convenient EV charging network in key metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, and now, through this agreement, eligible AGL customers can take advantage of special rates to charge with bp pulse in New South Wales.”


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