Mixed Reactions to Apple’s Vision Pro


Apple’s Vision Pro, the mixed-reality headset unveiled at the June 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, has created a substantial buzz in the tech industry.

This excitement translated into a notable increase in Reddit discussions during the second week of June. Among Redditors, there is a divergence of opinions regarding the device.

While some are enamoured with its functional and wearable technology, others have expressed reservations about its steep price, restricted gaming features, and brief battery life, reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData.

Smitarani Tripathy, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Mixed reaction was recorded among Redditors related to Apple’s new headset. A group of Redditors were impressed with Vision Pro as they see the device as a real functional, wearable tech. Meanwhile, Redditors also discussed many disadvantages of the device such as high-price, low battery support and not being a gaming-friendly device.”


A further analysis of discussions revealed “Pricing” as one of the trending topics among Redditors on Vision Pro as they described the price of the product as highly expensive, though it comes with a fully 3D interface.

They are of the opinion that it cannot be a product for the masses given its price and it will deter many potential users from considering it.

  1. Honestly I wasn”t impressed. It”s another giant headset with passthrough that puts 2D interfaces in front of your face. The price tag means it”s yet another enterprise-only device, but I can”t think of a situation where workers would be putting this thing on over a HoloLens o….
  2.  I was looking at tweets and people were speculating the price to be like $1199 and even at that price, I thought it was a bit much. but HOLY MOLY, $3499 !!!??

Gaming and Battery life:

Several gaming enthusiasts among Redditors highlighted that they see it as a more enterprise-designed device than a gaming device as it does not have a dedicated controller to connect with the steam of gaming and has only for 1-2 hours of battery life.

Redditors also pointed out that the device could lead to disconnection from everyday human real life.

  1. if this was a gaming headset, which it’s not. It is an enterprise device designed for productivity. This isn’t something they’re releasing to compete with the Quest. It’s a mixed reality device.
  2. Apple isn’t aiming for gaming or VR. It’s an AR platform that may play games but also can be used for work and entertainment.
  3. The eyes are hilarious. Honestly seems like cool tech, but not really gonna change anything for VR gaming unless you can connect other VR controllers and integrate it with Steam.
  4. I’ts impressive they’ve put so much together into one device that works really well but with 2 hours battery life and a huge cost it’s obviously not a device for the masses.


Besides other key topics of discussion, Redditors mentioned about the competition in the VR headset market.

They argued in favor of Meta’s Quest as an affordable VR Headset. Redditors also mentioned about the size of Sony’s PSVR2 headset, which they found quite larger when compared to Apple Vison Pro headset.

Besides this, Redditors also highlighted specifications related to display quality, size, processing, power, audio, and usage etc. to differentiate between Apple Vison Pro and other AR/VR headsets which include PSVR2, Meta Quest2.

 It has been around a long time, yes, but I disagree on the reasonable price point bit. The Meta Quest is arguably the first affordable VR headset because you don”t need a high-end gaming PC to go with it.


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