Australia’s Largest AI-powered Bushfire Camera Network


The Green Triangle (an area spanning south east South Australia and south west Victoria) will soon be home to Australia’s largest camera bushfire detection network.

This investment in technology supports quick and precise fire detection, protecting communities and plantation forests, a crucial industry for the region.

Spanning 14 locations, Pano AI offers a comprehensive turnkey solution that integrates high definition cameras, satellite feeds, artificial intelligence, and modern cloud software to detect and pinpoint new ignitions and alert fire professionals within minutes.

The key to keeping fires small and limiting the impact on industry and the community is through rapid response and the world-leading actionable intelligence helps fire crews get to the scene faster and safer.

Speaking from Mount Gambier, South Australian Minister for Primary Industries, Regional Development and Forestry, Clare Scriven said “South Australia’s $1.4 billion forest industry has had a long and strong history of embracing cutting edge technology and the implementation of Pano’s AI fire detection system continues this proud legacy.

“Unfortunately, fire doesn’t recognise boundaries so this collaborative State Government/industry initiative in utilising this ground-breaking technology helps us to ensure the best fire management tools are at our disposal. This is a system that isn’t just for the benefit of the Green Triangle forest region but is a win-win for all other landscape users, primary producers and local communities.”

“We applaud Minister Clare Scriven, the Government of South Australia and the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH) for leading the installation of modern detection technology to combat the growing threat of bushfires,” said Arvind Satyam, Chief Commercial Officer and one of founding members of Pano AI. “Our team at Pano is made up of former fire professionals as well as world class technologists who have come together to build the best possible tools for first responders. We’re excited to partner with the GTFIH across their region spanning South Australia and Victoria”

Cameron MacDonald, Chair of the GTFIH said that it was a priority to utilise leading technology as a key protection measure: “This tool from Pano AI provides us with the best opportunity to detect ignitions early so we can extinguish threats before they threaten lives, property and our industry.”

Andrew Prolov, Head of Australia Go-To-Market, Pano AI, says the new technology will help transform the way that the GTFIH manages bushfires. “When Pano detects a fire threat, our 24/7 intelligence centre confirms the fire and sends an alert within minutes, helping customers and authorities by rapidly sharing real-time intelligence to their extended and remote teams, enabling a fast, safe and coordinated response,” he said.

Anthony Walsh, Manager, Green Triangle Fire Alliance said this new technology will protect one of Australia’s most important forestry regions, and with La Nina over, the timing couldn’t be more critical, according to Mr Walsh.

“We look forward to working closely with Pano AI to have the system in place and operating before the coming fire season”.

The Pano cameras are set to be deployed ahead of the 2023/24 fire season.


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