E-Band Shipment Volumes to Rise


According to a recent forecast report by Dell’Oro Group, the cumulative revenue for Microwave Transmission equipment in the next five years is forecast to be $18 billion, which is 12 percent higher than the revenue achieved in the last five years.

“Demand for Microwave Transmission gear is on the upswing,” said Jimmy Yu, Vice President of Dell’Oro Group. “The growing number of 5G rollouts occurring globally is feeding the need for more wireless mobile backhaul. This is especially true for E-band systems since they were designed to efficiently transmit multiple gigabits of bandwidth. Hence, we are projecting shipments of E-band radios to grow at a 22 percent CAGR for the next five years,” added Yu.

Additional highlights from the Microwave Transmission & Mobile Backhaul 5-Year Forecast July 2023 Report:

  • Demand for mobile backhaul equipment, consisting of both wireless and fiber systems, to be used in 5G networks is forecast to grow at a five-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 20 percent.
  • The Microwave Transmission market is projected to peak in 2025 as the rate of growth in 5G deployments begins to slow the following year. Annual shipments are expected to reach a height of 1.8 million at that time.

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