Private 5G Spotlight Report


As interest in private 5G continues to grow, Verizon has released its report, Private 5G Spotlight Report, offering information for companies just starting on their private 5G journey.

The report looks at the availability of spectrum globally and in Asia Pacific, the sort of organisations deploying the technology, and what governments are doing to drive and support adoption.

Private 5G is powering the future of transformation for businesses, opening many opportunities and will be critical to the future economy – PwC estimates that private 5G will add US$370 billion to global annual GDP in 2025.

The Asia Pacific region has been one of the most active in terms of private 5G, partly driven by the proactive approach taken by several governments in the region.

This report also explores some of the challenges that companies will face as they procure and deploy private 5G networks.

You can read the full report here.


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