Allegion Steps Up to Connectivity Standards Alliance


Allegion has been named a Promoter Member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (the Alliance) and, with this elevated status, gained a seat on the Alliance Board of Directors.

“Allegion and our team of experts have been long-time supporters and active members of the Alliance—and we look forward to this new level of collaboration with other industry leaders who share our passion for responsibly shaping the future of connectivity,” said Allegion Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Vince Wenos.

“As a company committed to enabling seamless and secure access for our customers, we believe open standards and interoperability will be key drivers of innovation, ultimately improving user experiences and increasing adoption of smart technologies.” Wenos added that Allegion Director of Global Technology, Connectivity and Sensing Ryan Kincaid will hold the company’s Alliance Board seat.

“The Alliance’s Promoter members represent industry leaders with unique perspectives,” said Alliance President and CEO Tobin Richardson. “We welcome Allegion to the Alliance Board, reaffirming their commitment to interoperability while collaboratively driving growth in IoT. Across the Alliance’s working groups, their expertise in security and access solutions is critical to harmonizing connected ecosystems.”


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