GBB’s Emerging Tech Summit reaches new heights


GBB has launched its Emerging Tech Summit – Saudi Arabia held on the 8th and 9th of November, 2023 at Voco Riyadh.

The event, welcomed over 200, pre-qualified and by invitation only attendees bringing together decision makers, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and advancements in the information technology sector.

Key Highlights:

Dynamic Panel Discussions: The summit featured engaging panel discussions that brought into light time-tested ideas and beliefs and fostered new insightful knowledge.  The knowledge-sharing sessions helped the attendees gain valuable perspectives on topics such as walking towards a sustainable future with new-age imperatives in the industry ecosystem, making a destination for not only travel and business but also for living in this land of opportunities and tomorrow, in the wake of emerging technologies how can we create cyber safe spaces and last but not the least the need of handling legacy technology in the ever-growing tech market.

Face to Face Meetings: Face to face meetings played the role of the oxygen of the event, with the prequalified solution seekers and solution providers catering to the individual business needs, the meetings resulted into fruitful associations between the two.

Innovative Exhibitor Presentations: The stage came alive with innovative products and fresh perspectives during exhibitor presentations. Industry leaders showcased cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are set to shape the future.

Networking Sessions: Ample networking opportunities allowed participants to establish vital connections, leading to meaningful collaborations and partnerships within the industry.



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