77% Australian CX leaders experimenting with AI


Zendesk has released its annual Customer Experience (CX) Trends Report, which reveals a significant transition towards intelligent CX amongst Australian businesses.

The report states 77% of Australian CX leaders have started experimenting with or implementing generative AI into their customer journey, ahead of the global average of 65%. This adoption has real benefits – 85% of CX leaders in Australia using generative AI in CX report positive ROI, also ahead of the global average of 83%, proving these changes set a new standard for successful CX.

The report spotlights defining elements of the era of intelligent CX:

  • Chatbots are evolving into advanced digital agents: Generative AI and evolved chatbots are revolutionising consumer interactions by facilitating personalised, instant and interactive experiences.
  • Live and immersive interactions will redefine experiences: As consumers expect more engaging and interactive experiences, CX leaders will need to transition to tools like conversational commerce, live streaming, and voice.
  • CX leaders are the new drivers of data privacy: CX leaders, not IT, are the new drivers of data privacy, integrating security seamlessly into CX for protection and ease.

“Australian businesses continue to face challenges driven by inflationary pressure. In this light the need to remain competitive puts customer retention into sharp focus and makes the customer experience a pivotal point of differentiation. With teams needing to work smarter to serve customers better, AI can play an important role in driving more intelligent and seamless customer journeys,” said Kellie Hackney, senior director, Australia and New Zealand, Zendesk, “It’s encouraging that a majority of the businesses we spoke to have begun that journey and we look forward to many more Australian companies accelerating their use of AI to help drive growth.”

You can read the full report here.


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