Decline in Job Postings


2023 saw many companies across the globe announcing layoffs amidst a continuous decline in job postings.

Major players like JPMorgan Chase & Co, Ford Motor Co, SAP SE, Tesco Plc, Salesforce Inc, Cisco Systems Inc, and The Goldman Sachs Group Inc were among the companies that announced job cuts.

Despite this, healthcare, foodservice, and construction witnessed an increased year-on-year (YoY) share in global job postings. Key technology themes driving hiring trends were cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and social media during the year, reveals the Job Analytics Database of GlobalData.

Its latest report, “Global Hiring Activity – Trends & Signals 2023,” reveals that the global hiring activity (posted jobs) continued to decline by 23.6% YoY in 2023  and 18.5% QoQ in the October-December period in the year.

Sherla Sriprada, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, said “Meanwhile, healthtech, customer loyalty, asset management, and omnichannel emerged as top industry themes with higher job postings.  Foodservice led with most job postings and YoY growth in 2023.”

Countries such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Japan had more job postings compared to the previous year, whereas Germany, Australia, and the UK saw an increase in the global share of job postings.

Sriprada concludes, “Job postings’ share of enterprise social networking and collaboration platforms improved during the year. Key technical skills in demand included colocation services, vertical-specific and packaged applications, and office productivity applications. Demand for jobs with experience in AI platforms continued during 2023.”


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