NextGen Emergency Vehicle Preemption Pilot


LYT has announced it has signed a new agreement with the City of Elk Grove, Calif., for a pilot of LYT.emergency, the company’s emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) solution.

The pilot will initially be launched for 43 traffic signals, including two pedestrian crossings, along Laguna Boulevard, Bond Road, and Elk Grove Boulevard where emergency vehicles will receive preemption.

This pilot rollout aims to improve emergency vehicle safety and travel times for first responders traveling to local emergency facilities by intelligently adjusting traffic lights to clear traffic along their path.

Accidents involving emergency vehicles—such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars—are a substantial problem in the United States. Vehicle fatality rates for emergency responders are estimated to be up to 4.8 times higher than the national average because emergency vehicles are traveling at higher speeds to reach crisis situations. It is imperative they can travel free of traffic and traffic congestion to avoid these outcomes, and to arrive on scene as quickly as possible to aid in life and death situations.

LYT’s NextGen emergency preemption solution enables traffic signals to adjust, based on real-time congestion, traffic in advance of approaching emergency vehicles.

Emergency vehicles will now be able to communicate directly with LYT’s EVP solution, enabling public safety fleets to deploy true preemption capabilities in any vehicle, making emergency response and roadways safer throughout the Elk Grove region.

LYT’s intelligent connected traffic technology solutions create safe and innovative mobility systems and services for smart cities.

Traffic agencies across the U.S. and Canada are leveraging LYT.emergency, which grants a consistent and reliable green light for every emergency vehicle.

The solution harnesses the power of a single secure edge device installed in Traffic Management Centers that enable emergency vehicles to speak directly to networked traffic signals in cities through the LYT.speed cloud platform.

“Reliable and effective emergency vehicle preemption technology is essential in ensuring the safety and well-being of the entire Elk Grove community,” said Tim Menard, CEO and founder of LYT. “In emergency situations, where every second counts, return to office and population growth stresses community roads. The need to implement and maintain reliable preemption technology is paramount. It’s not just about facilitating quicker response times for our emergency responders; it’s about saving lives and prioritizing the safety and security of local residents.”


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